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Art Therapy Books


I first began my healing journey in 2014 and at first I wasn't necessarily aware that I even had any issues I needed to work through lol. When I was in my late teens i started doing yoga and gardening as well as art. in the beginning, these things were sort of just a hobby but by 2017 art had officially become my therapy. At that point in my life I was worn down with baggage from toxic relationships and life just not going right. but art was a way for me to express my feelings because I never felt confined by logic or the shame of saying certain things out loud. The colors and images could express my emotions without me having to say a word, and not only that but I discovered that on some level other people could relate. 

Coming from a yoga background it wasn't hard for me to incorporate the use of different energy healing techniques such as meditation and crystals into my healing journey. I've always loved the independence that I've gotten from using these tools and I that's exactly why I chose to combine these methods into an art therapy workbook that can be done independently by anyone who is into self help or simply unable or unwilling to go into traditional therapy. 

in 2019 I got certified to be an art therapy coach and be able to teach others a variety of techniques to help them confront and heal unhealthy emotions and thought patterns. In 2021 I pursued virtual therapy but had a hard time finding a provider to match my "needs". Then in 2022 I pursued virtual therapy again and found a licensed therapist to help guide me along my journey. Doing this has given me clarity that the methods I have practiced for many years and also include in my own art therapy workbook are 100% effective. So If you prefer a holistic and independent approach to finding solutions, then these books are definitely for you. 

Over the years I have carefully created this platform specifically with the intent of healing. In my shop you will find crystals as well as in the form of beaded jewelry, herbal concoctions, and you can also book me for a 1-on-1 chakra cleansing meditation or a perfect square tarot reading which covers your love, health, wealth, and self expression. Everything you find on ebonycreates goes hand in hand with the three books that you can purchase at an affordable price on amazon by clicking the link. Happy healing!!


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