Where Spirituality meets creativity...


Hello,welcome to my Online store and gallery. I'm Ebony, a creator based in Long Beach, CA. I create paintings of various mediums but mostly acrylic on canvas. 


When it comes to art most of my personal art focuses on black culture and ancestral wisdom, mostly because I am a woman of color. I also draw much of my inspiration from my spirituality, it is my first muse,so to say. My work is personal because it's my way of getting what's inside out; emotions, thoughts and prayers, but at the same time I love to share it with the world. My art is free-spirited, I don't feel a need to confine myself to any style. I can go from portraits to mildly abstract to mixed media. It's wherever my heart takes me that dictates what happens between the brush and the canvas. I can never do anything the same because creation is not confinement. Creating is my therapy, it's alchemy. I can take a thought and make it a reality.

In my shop you'll also find items like CBD Shea butter, Conjure oils and unique crystal jewelry. Feel free to explore my creations, I really do appreciate all of your purchases and interest in what I do.


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"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."