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Updated: May 21, 2021

You know, it's not that its hard to be single. Its the adjustments that have to be made after the breakup. It's the breakdown, getting used to a life without someone you love. It's about making memories and after they're gone wishing they were there with you to share a current experience, it's that random i love you text that you want to send but know you shouldn't..It's that lonely feeling you get in the middle of the night and you just want their arms around you holding you tight. It's making love and you guys know exactly what the other wants and not being ashamed to give it your all because you know they'll still be there in the morning. It's those quiet moments when you're sitting by yourself and your mind gravitates toward the future you two planned together but cant anymore....these are the things that break me, but all in the same breath it's the love that I have for myself that keeps me patient and content enough to trust the process as it unfolds before me. 🌎

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