Born To Be A Creatress

I guess I've always known that I would be a creatress of some sort. Everything I've ever considered as a potential career path involved me using my hands. I've loved so many things that I've considered being a horticulture therapist, a physical therapist, I enjoyed writing, I even wanted to be an interior decorator when I first started college.

For the longest time I was very indecisive on what to do with my life. I knew working for someone my entire life wasn't an option, but I also had so many interests and hobbies that I couldn't just pick one. The common denominator in all these hobbies was that I was using my hands to create something.

All in all It has taken me about five years to get real and make the sacrifice to put my all into art. My family and friends(shout out to Tamara and Teneisha) have given me the best motivation and encouragement by supporting my craft and believing in me, which made the decision even more worth it. I have been investing time and money and and lots of faith and hard work(even after my day job)into my craft. I'm not expecting to become rich overnight. But I do believe my consistency will pay off into a full time income.

My number one motivation for this is my kids. I've always wanted to stay home with them and be able to support us at the same time.

Being gone 9.5 hours a day and missing their life isn't an option anymore.

So that's how it all started, that's how I decided to become a painter and a blogger.

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