The Method

Sooo I thought it might be good for you guys(and gals of course) to know a little bit about my work process. Usually when I begin a new piece it's because I'm inspired or deeply moved by a personal experience, generally a relationship with someone, ex's, family members, friends, or myself. I'm also inspired by movements and cultural shifts throughout the world. Painting for me is an emotional experience and I get to express myself through strokes of color on canvas. It's therapeutic to me to be a creatress.

Most of my pieces also inspire me to write a poem or a storyline, simply because I enjoy writing and I want the people interested in my art to understand the backstory of the piece they've purchased.

Relationships with ex-lovers, my sisters, my kids, and even my relationship with myself have inspired me to paint about many things from love to self-awareness. All the things that we as humans can relate to on some level.

Other things like nature, women's rights, or learning more about my heritage have also been a big game changer for me because it clarifies where I come from and it gives me purpose. I'm exited about my African heritage because I've never really felt "American" in the first place, I was just born here so I also try to relay that in my art as well. Creatively expressing myself is what makes me whole. My life experiences challenge me to create with purpose. Because the reality is that we are all the creators of something in our life, and that's the method to my madness. What inspires you in life? What is it that you're creating? Leave comments below

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