The Last Day

I was so ashamed of myself for loving you the way I did. So hard, so sensual, so everything, just too much of everything.

Freely sacraficing my kindrid spirit, my peace of was too selfless willing to diminish M.E. just to have W.E.

Over and over again we played like a broken record, but all that pushing and pulling had to stop. The light in M.E. had to stop insisting on only seeing the beauty in you.

I chose you over and over even though my soul knew that I was dancing with the devil himself..

..But last night was the straw that broke the camels back, last night I lost my shit.

You thought you were gonna spit at me like I was a bad taste left on your tastebuds, you thought you were going to intimidate me with your hands? I know you didn't think you were going to get away with bullying me again.

I bet your ass didn't think I would jump that curb and BINGO! And I know you didn't think I'd try to bust your mind open with a refreshing can of coconut water.

I tried to shield you from my crazy but you kept knocking at her door so I had no choice but to release her wrath upon you

And it was the last time I saw you, the last time I planned on seeing you

I'll find my peace of mind, I'll surround myself with gardens and birds and butterflies and fairies and unicorns and smoke this backwood in the back of the woods where the streams and rivers run free like the tears I used to shed over you, but bitch I guarantee crying over you again is something I will NOT do.

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