Don't Ask Me Why (8/11/17)

I was drowning and no one could save me.

Why did I stay knowing that your main intent was to break me?

Why did I think I could change you?

You always wore that know..the one that hid all of your ugly...

Always preaching about the good deeds that you did for me, always playing the victim and singing that same song about why I made you take it that far with me, why I made you leave, or why I made you call me a bitch, and a hoe, and a slut...Where was your self control?

Even in all this mess I never touched another man

But maybe I should've, maybe I should've listened to my goddess

I was so dumb for you it drives me nuts! Always giving, giving, giving til my love for you ran dry. How could I be so naive?

I should have ran as far as I could before you sank your fangs into me

I can't believe I loved you, I can't believe I let my kids love you...

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