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Three Parts of The Mind

Updated: May 21, 2021

So the first part of the mind is the sub-conscious mind. This would be things and habits that you may have developed around the age of three. A lot of the beliefs/ morals you carry, training, patterns, and traumas. An example would be your religious beliefs. Your sub-conscious is a place for current recurring thoughts and feelings. There is a lot of power here once we learn to observe this part of our mind.

Next is your conscious mind. This part of the mind is all about awareness in the present moment and how you communicate with the world through thoughts, pictures, words etc. The conscious mind is aware of things like tasks and daily activities or routines. It could be things like going to work or doing laundry. The conscious mind has the ability to observe the sub-conscious.

And lastly we have Super-consciousness. This part of the mind is sustained intuition and God-talk. The super conscious is the source of our creativity. If you can see it in your mind, you can transform that thought to reality through deep concentration. The physical location of super consciousness is in the frontal lobe of the brain, also known as pineal gland or third eye.

There's actually one more more part of the mind aside from the three main parts. It's called the unconscious mind. It's similar to the subconscious mind because it also deals with memory, but on a level that it tends to store things that we can't consciously recall. The unconscious mind houses deep emotions that our mind has repressed or traumas that we may have been through but don't want to recall. On the smaller scale your unconscious mind would store something like what you ate on your first day of kindergarten. Deja vu could also be memories from your unconscious mind triggered by things/events in your present reality. Although you may not be able to consciously remember things stored in your unconscious mind, there are things such as hypnosis that can trigger those repressed memories to surface. This can also be done as a past life regression.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with this is dreaming. Lucid dreaming in particular is important because it coordinates the three main parts of the mind together. The sub-conscious mind dreams it, the conscious mind remembers and observes the dream, and the super-conscious mind receives the insight from the dream.

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