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Chakras Explained and How TO Work With Them

Updated: May 22, 2021

So obviously you're here because you want to know what exactly is a chakra? So basically a chakra is an energy vortex located partially within the body and partially in the human aura. The aura is a part of your light body and can be perceived as an array of colors with specific meanings that correlate to different areas of the emotional and physical body by people who are more sensitive to subtle energies, these people are usually called a psychic and/or empath.

Human Aura

But going back to chakras, there are actually 114 chakras but for the sake of this post and my lack of knowledge on all of them, I'll just be discussing the main seven.

So I'm going to be starting from bottom to top using the most common name and as a bonus I'll include information on how to work with each chakra.