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Chakras Explained and How TO Work With Them

Updated: May 21, 2021

So obviously you're here because you want to know what exactly is a chakra? So basically a chakra is an energy vortex located partially within the body and partially in the human aura. The aura is a part of your light body and can be perceived as an array of colors with specific meanings that correlate to different areas of the emotional and physical body by people who are more sensitive to subtle energies, these people are usually called a psychic and/or empath.

Human Aura

But going back to chakras, there are actually 114 chakras but for the sake of this post and my lack of knowledge on all of them, I'll just be discussing the main seven.

So I'm going to be starting from bottom to top using the most common name and as a bonus I'll include information on how to work with each chakra.

The first chakra is called your root chakra and it's located at the base of your spine in the same area as your coccyx bone. The color of the root chakra is red and to work with this chakra you can use fragrances like sandalwood, cinnamon and garlic. Binaural beats are another way to connect to the root chakra so a c-bass tone and percussion are recommended. And last but not least, my favorite way is crystals. Try meditating with smokey quartz, ruby, bloodstone, or hematite to name a few.

The parts of the body associated with the root chakra would be the legs, rectum, anus, sex organs, pelvis, the circulatory system, the hips, and the reproductive organs.

If you have an unbalanced root chakra it could manifest as anger, violence, or manipulation, scarcity mindset resulting in being overly attached to material things. In a balanced root chakra you would feel vital and energized with a certain zest for life which would be totally recognizable by the people around you.

And last but not least, this energy center is ruled by the earth element and to further stay grounded you can eat foods rich in protein and pretty much any root vegetable.

Next we have the sacral chakra which is also known as the second chakra. This chakra is located in the pelvis area, and the color associated with the sacral chakra is orange. to stimulate this chakra you can use fragrances like cardamom, orange, ylang ylang or sandalwood and the crystals you can work with are amber (actually a resin), carnelian, flourite, turquoise, and tigers eye. This energy center controls the appetite and the emotions, the large intestines, spleen, the bladder, the lower back, prostate, reproductive organs, and adrenal glands.

Breccidated Jasper Bracelet

In a balanced state you'll feel abundant and wholesome. You'll feel grateful for the simple pleasures in life and you'll choose enjoyment and not let unfortunate things get the best of you. In an unbalanced state you could be critical of yourself and others, or condemning. The sacral chakra controls your physical health and well-being, which dictates how we move and flow with life and also our desire to exercise.

Sweet fruits, raw honey, nuts, spices and its ruling element water make are all things you can consume to balance out your sacral chakra.

The next chakra is the solar plexus and its color is yellow. The solar plexus is located in the sternum area and rules our willpower and our gut instincts which is fitting since the solar plexus rules our digestive system and pancreas. The solar plexus is actually complex system of radiating nerves and ganglia, many people refer to this area as our internal sun, hence it;s ruled by the fire element. You can use bergamont, rosemary, and chamomile scents to stimulate this area. The crystals I like to use include citrine (which is also an excellent manifesting stone), yellow jasper, and tigers eye.

In a balanced state you will understand your purpose and you will have the drive to fulfill it. And that purpose can be whatever your passionate about. An imbalanced solar plexus will make you feel like you have no desire or control over your life or the circumstances in it. In some it manifests as the desire to pursue power but only to control others. Not wanting to make eye contact is also a sign for a weak solar plexus.

Foods like bananas, herbal teas and whole grains will help balance out this chakra. Meditation and healing music like singing bowls also help to balance your solar plexus.

Now we'll move up to the center of the seven chakras, which is called the heart chakra or the fourth chakra. The heart chakra is green and partially open in your early childhood and in most cases closes down as we mature and become products of our environment i.e. our culture, the relationships we develop with others.

If you want to help balance out your heart chakra then you can eat plenty of leafy vegetables, air vegetables (beans n things) healthy liquids like kombucha and sweet spices. And speaking of air, this chakra is ruled by the air element. In a balanced state you feel a sense of brotherhood with those people around you, you feel joy, understanding and peace on a consistent basis.

However if your heart chakra is unbalanced this would manifest as conditional love, in other words it's okay to have boundaries but it's not okay to shut everyone out. To stimulate the heart chakra I like to alternate between yoga, cardio, and dancing. Massage and sensual touch will also stimulate your heart chakra and whether you're male or female you can definitely be intimate with yourself to stimulate this area. If you're into crystals crystals I'd definitely recommend rose quartz, emerald, jade, ruby and green aventurine to name a few.

The fifth chakra or the throat chakra is the next chakra and it's connected to the head, eyes, ears, face, sinuses, throat, esophagus, mouth and teeth, the thyroid and the upper respiratory area. The color of this chakra is blue and it's element is ether, it is the reminder that all things are connected and it is the chakra that vibrates the thought into form aka language. The throat chakra will shut down from grief and unexpressed emotions and feelings of anger and fear. And the throat chakra tends to strengthen when we listen to and follow our intuition. (think of the heart and solar plexus combined).

In a balanced state you'll be creatively expressive, you'll have the willpower, truth, and personal integrity to manifest your intentions and get your point across effectively. However if your throat chakra is imbalanced you'll tend to suppress your feelings, and you wont feel confident in expressing your thoughts and ideas to others. And ultimately when you constantly suppress your emotions and thoughts it can manifest as addictions to food and/or drugs, excessive gossiping, or lying.

So to help balance the throat chakra drinking healthy liquids including berry juices, tart and tangy fruits, tree fruits and all spices. Humming, singing, and using crystals like lapis lazuli, turquoise, sodalite or even blue imperial jasper will also help to stimulate your throat chakra.

Okay we're almost done. The sixth chakra is everyone's favorite and it's called the third eye chakra. The color for this chakra is purple/violet and it's located between the eyebrows. The third eye is another one of the more physical chakras because it's associated with the pineal gland.

In the pineal gland, a chemical called melatonin is produced (see picture). And another interesting thing that happens here is the production of a liquid melanin. So a brief intro on that is basically light will enter the third eye and undergo a similar process as photosynthesis, converting light to energy, thus producing liquid melanin with the help of kundalini meditation. But again, this is just a brief intro because there's a lot to talk about in regards to the pineal gland. And I'll probably create a separate post on that later.

When you have a balanced third eye chakra your'e able to use good discernment, your'e self aware, thus being aware of others. So when this chakra is imbalanced you can become overly intellectual and less intuitive, factual and rigid. So if you feel imbalanced you can listen to 432 hertz music, practice yoga or tai chi and for foods, pretty much all dark blueish fruits and vegetables. My favorite crystals to use with this chakra are amethyst, selenite, and moonstone. The ruling element(s) is the cosmos, the bridge between the seen and unseen.

And Lastly, the seventh chakra which is located at the crown of your head and the energy is partially in your skull and partially protruding out. The color is white or lavender and it's ruled by the cosmos. This is also where you have access to your akashic records and past lives.

An imbalanced crown chakra thinks their efforts alone is what matters. These people see themselves as separate from others, but on the other hand a balanced crown chakra results in self- realization and acceptance of self and others as one of many drops that makes the ocean the ocean. A balanced crown chakra results in grace and timeless beauty.

To work with your seventh chakra practice mindfulness, stillness, and crown chakra meditations with amethyst, clear quartz, or selenite to name a few. You can also burn incense and smudging with sage, frankincense, palo santo, or myrhh. Smoke helps to connect you to the air element and also the cosmos which the crown chakra is ruled by.

Okay, so we've made it til the end, first I want to say thank you and lastly I want to say that although we sometimes look at chakras being seven individual things. They are actually seven interdependent energy centers that we need to consistently work with in order to better achieve balance and order in our lives and in our manifesting abilities. The descriptions I've given you are very brief and there's a ton more information on chakras that I didn't discuss. So I hope you enjoyed my version of chakras explained. Please check out my shop and subscribe for more metaphysical and magical content.

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