Aura Colors and Meaning

Updated: May 22, 2021

Violet: Relates to the crown chakra, pineal gland, and nervous system. The most sensitive and wisest of all colors. Violet is the most intuitive color in the aura and therefore it can reveal psychic power and attunement with the higher self depending on how much is present in the aura. Violet is naturally intuitive, visionary, futuristic, artistic and magical.

Blue: Relates to the throat, the thyroid, and a person with a lot of blue in the aura is usually cool, calm and collected. A blue aura can also indicate a person who is caring, loving of self and others, sensitive and intuitive.

Green: A green aura is associated with the heart and lungs. Green is a very healthy color and is present in almost every aspect of nature. A lot of green in the aura represents growth and balance, so with that said a person with a lot of green is usually a person who is consistent with change and usually goes with the flow and encourages change. Green indicates a love and natural affinity toward people, animals, and nature. Many teachers have a lot of green present in their aura.

Pale Yellow: Emerging psychic and spiritual awareness. People with a pale yellow aura are usually optimistic and hopeful in general and are generally exited about new things.

Yellow: Relates to the spleen and the life force energy, also called chi, prana, or kundalini depending on your practice. Yellow in the aura denotes spiritual awakening, intelligence, and inspiration. Lots of yellow shows a person who is action orientated, creative, playful and optimistic.

Bright Yellow: On the flip side, a bright yellow aura indicates a person who may be struggling to maintain power and control in some area of their life whether that be personal or business related. But this could also represent a fear of losing control, prestige, respect or power.

Orange-Yellow: This color is creative, intelligent, detail orientated, and possibly scientific. This person is likely hip to using the elements to produce results in the physical world.

Orange: This color relates to the reproductive organs and your emotions. Orange is associated with vitality, vigor, good health and excitement. A lot of orange in a persons aura can indicate that that person is high energy and productive with creative ventures, this person is also likely to be social. Orange in the aura represents stamina, adventure, and courage. However excessive orange can show up in a person who is currently experiencing stress related to appetites and addictions.

Orange-Red: Confidence and creative power

Clear Red: A Powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual, and passionate person.

Red: Relates to the physical body and the blood, also the flow of blood throughout the body and the heart. Red is the densest color and therefore creates the most friction, so if friction attracts and repels then red in the aura shows you how you attract and repel things in the material world like money (things associated with the root chakra). Red in the aura can show as money worries, obsession, anger, nervousness, and unforgiveness. However in a balanced state red in the aura indicates a healthy ego.

Deep Red: This person is grounded and realistic. This color represents a strong will-power and is usually survival orientated.

Muddy Red: ANGER!!

Dark Murky Pink: An immature or dishonest energy.

Pink: A loving and softer energy. Pink in the aura shows sensitivity and affection, these people are usually sensual, artistic and compassionate. Pink represents innocence or a person in a new or renewed romantic relationship. Pink can also show up in clairaudiant people.

Pastels: A sensitive blend of light and color, more so than basic colors. Pastels show a person who is sensitive and likely has a need for serenity. Best percieved when you take into consideration what color of pastel.

Rainbow: Rainbow like sunbeams sticking out from the hands, head or body indicate that a person is a healer of some sort but likely a reiki healer or a star-seed.

Black: A transformative color that pulls energy into it. Black captures light and transmutes it, usually represents a long-term unforgiveness toward another and collected in a specific area of the body which can lead to health problems. Black spots in the aura can also represent entities within a persons aura, chakras or physical body. Black in the aura can appear because of past hurts and unreleased grief. For example black in the ovaries could be from a miscarriage or abortion.

Earth Colors: Soil, wood, minerals, and plant colors display a love of the planet and a strong desire to be grounded. Earthy tones are likely to be in the aura of those who live and work with the, farming, vegans. The people who have earthy auras are important and a good sign.

White: Reflects other energy, white is a pure state of light and often represents a new not yet designated energy in the aura. Spiritual etherie and non-physical qualities, transcendendent and higher dimensions. White in the aura typically represents truth, and angelic qualities. White sparkles or flashes of light indicate angels are nearby or that the person is pregnant or will be soon.

Silver: Abundance, both in the spiritual and/or material realms. Lots of bright silver can indicate plenty of money or an awakening of the cosmic mind.

Gold: The color of enlightenment and divine protection. When gold is in the aura it means that the person is being guided by their highest good. This color is about divine guidance and its presence indicates protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, and and intuitive thinker.

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