Numerology Combinations

Numerology is one of the oldest forms of divination. According to Oxford Languages the definition of numerology is "the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers."

There are several numerology systems including Chaldean, which originated in Babylonia and is based on the vibration of alphabet. Pythagorean, which was created by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras and associates number values to letters. Then there is Kabballah numerology that originates from Hebrew mysticism and is based on the Hebrew alphabet. There is another less common form of numerology referred to as Abracadabra, and uses a series of pyramids to make predictions. However, in this post I'm only going to be talking about the Pythagorean system. See chart below.

With Pythagorean numerology you can discover your Life path, personality, soul urge, birthday, expression, karmic, and maturity numbers. Although you can read them separately when all of them are combined become similar to the ingredients in a cookie recipe.

The life path number is like the body of the cookie, it's what you're here to accomplish plus all of your major lessons for this lifetime and how to navigate them according to our attitude and characteristics. As a side note smaller life path numbers are tend to have less complicated karmic lessons.

Next is the personality number and this number is like the sugar. It gives your cookie some flavor and sweetness. The personality number shows how you present yourself to others and who you understand yourself to be. It is the part of you that is social, similar to the rising sign in your birth chart.

Then we have the Soul urge number which is like the baking soda/ baking powder. it helps the cookie to rise/ spread. It is your passions and desires also your hidden gifts and talents. Your soul urge is usually what motivates you to achieve a thing and pursue your true north.

Your birthday number is like like the vanilla extract. It enhances the flavor of the cookie and is an added component to help you on your life path and acts as a support system for your life path number as well.

The next number is your expression number, it is similar to the egg in a cookie recipe, it makes the cookie hold its form. The expression number is your natural gifts, skills, and talents that help to encourage and support a persons destiny and life path.

Your karmic number(s) is equivalent to butter. It makes the cookie palatable. Your karmic lessons are often obstacles that need to be overcome to live a more fulfilled and harmonic life, but please remember that karma is not always a negative or bad thing but often weaknesses that need to transmuted into strengths. Some people have more than others and some people have none. There are also karmic debts, which hold more weight than karmic lessons because they are carried over from past lives and are expressed in the area that they show up. However if a 13, 19, 16, or 14 karmic number shows up in multiples in your numerology chart then its effects are watered down.

Last but not least we have the maturity number. It's like the milk that makes the cookie great at the end. It is the highest potential once the other numbers have been processed and executed. It is the reward after the work.

In my next post I'll be discussing how to get your numbers and what each of the individual numbers 1-9 mean as well as the master numbers. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to stay posted.

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