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The Power Of Sacral Energy

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

**Disclaimer : The events in this story are true and may be triggering to some readers. This post contains sexual and graphic content please read at your own discretion**

Ever since I started practicing self care, a huge part of it has been unlearning certain "conditioning" and societal standards. At a young age I was very sexual because I didn't understand my body and I didn't understand the power of sexual energy a.k.a. kundalini. It's not that I wasn't taught about the "birds and the bees", but it's as if pieces of information were missing. Critical information like "what happens when there is sex without love" or "sex is supposed to be mutually beneficial" or even "just because we have sexual desires (even as a virgin) that doesn't mean that we should be having sex". At this point in my life I don't blame my parents for their methods, but there was definitely a time where I was sorting through my baggage and had several realizations that a lot of my hot girl ways had definitely stemmed from my childhood.

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