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Working With The Days of The Week

Updated: May 21, 2021

Day: Monday

Color: White

Number: 7

Meaning: Moon day; Since the moon governs the tides, this is a day to work on goals which relate to emotions and on domestic and purely feminine issues. Monday is a great day for emotional work such as healing traumas, meditation, or vision boards.

Day: Tuesday

Color: Red

Number: 9

Meaning: Tiu's Day; Tiu is the sword bearing Norse god of justice. His nature combines the qualities of Greek Zues and Ares. The day of planet mars, a good day for more energy and greater self assertion on masculine related goals. Tuesday is an excellent day for spiritual cleansing and removing negative thoughts, people, places or things.

Day: Wednesday

Color: Purple

Number: 5

Meaning: Woden's Day (Otin/Wotan); The great father-god of Norse Mythology, his qualities are similar to Zeuse and Hermes Trismagistus. Wednesday is a great day for consulting oracles (runes, tarot cards, etc.) to help you plan your magical dealings, especially writing affirmations or incantations that deal with the mental plane. Wednesday is ruled by the planet mercury.

Day: Thursday

Color: Blue

Number: 3

Meaning: Thor's day; Thor is closely connected to the God Zeus and it's ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Use Thursdays to work on prosperity issues such as spiritual growth and financial literacy.

Day: Friday

Color: Green

Number: 6

Meaning: Freya's day; Freya is the Norse Aphrodite and is associated with the planet Venus, which represents love, elegance, and grace. Friday is a great day for self care rituals and work on all types of relationships. Since this day is associated with "feelings" it's also a great day for creatives to work on and sell their creations.

Day: Saturday

Color: Black

Number: 8

Meaning: Saturn's day; The planet Saturn rules restrictions and boundaries (hence, Saturn's rings) With that said Saturday is a great day for setting boundaries and doing protection rituals and spell work. Figure out what's holding you back from accomplishing your goals, come up with a strategy and execute it on Tuesday.

Day: Sunday

Color: Yellow

Number: 4

Meaning: Sun's day; Obviously ruled by the sun, this day is a great day to initiate magical and spiritual activities but any work on goals relating to healing and success are recommended.

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