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Altar Broom With Clear Quartz Pendant

Altar Broom With Clear Quartz Pendant

SKU: 1600577600391

Sweep positive energy into your sacred space with our Altar Broom with a Clear Quartz Pendant. Handcrafted with intention, this ritual tool blends practicality with spiritual significance. The natural bristles efficiently clear away physical debris while the Clear Quartz pendant enhances the metaphysical energy, promoting clarity and amplifying intentions. The broom's ergonomic design and artisanal craftsmanship make it a stylish and functional addition to your altar or sacred space. Invite purity and focus into your rituals as you cleanse and consecrate with the Altar Broom, marrying the practical with the mystical for a harmonious and sacred atmosphere. Elevate your spiritual practices with this enchanting blend of utility and crystal energy. Approximately6-12 inches. 

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