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Golden Money Rice

Golden Money Rice


If you're looking to attract prosperity I would highly recommend giving this money rice a try. You can leave money rice on your altar, place it in your wallet or use it to dress candles. Use it however your creativity allows. Every batch is worked on a Friday and Sunday and is charged with prayers, crystals and intentions with a road opener candle. A few of the elements used are herbs ground with a mortar and pestle, bank dirt, gold micas, and shredded bills. It also comes with one ancestor bill for clearing generational debts such as lack mentality or bad spending habits that may have been passed down. There are also several Feng shui coins to welcome in positive manifestations. If you're new to this type of curio, the trick is simply to set your intentions and allow the universe to bring the opportunities to level up to you. Your faith truly determines how quickly you attract the ideal job or financial blessing. Come in a .5 oz ziplock pouch.

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