Natural Seven Chakra Stone Rune Therapy

Natural Seven Chakra Stone Rune Therapy

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Legend has it that runes were given to humankind by Odin, the Scandinavian ruler of the gods. To attain spiritual enlightenment, he hung himself upside down on the tree of life known as Yggdrasil. After nine days of suffering, Odin passed on to the realm of the afterlife. As a reward for his self sacrifice, he received wisdom he could pass to the people in the form of runes. With such an evocative tale of origin, it’s little wonder the magic of runes has endured through the ages.

In the realm of the mortal world there remains much scholarly debate about where runes first emerged. According to Kenneth Meadows, author of Rune Power: The Secret Knowledge of the Wise Ones, one school of thought is that runes emerged among the Teutonic tribes of northernEurope around 500 BCE. Others credit the Goths of Scandinavia around 200 CE, while some historians claim runes emerged during the Viking civilisation, or in northernItaly. The reality is no one really knows for sure. However, historians and scholars across the globe generally agree that runes are pagan in origin and were widely used in northernEurope for centuries.

Runes have been used for various purposes since their inception. This complex alphabetic script was used to communicate in symbolic form, to predict potential future events and to guard against undesirable events. Rune markings on a person’s home or their cattle signified ownership. Rune symbols were carved into sticks and sent with runners, delivering messages to friends or foes. Rune symbols were also chiselled into Viking shields and swords to bring protection against the enemy in times of battle.


Stone Size: 20mm x 25mm
Feature: Chakra Stone Decoration
Product Shape: Oval Shape
Stone Lenght: Approx. 24-25mm
Stone Width: Approx. 19-21mm
Stone Thickness: Approx. 6-8mm


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