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Set Of 3 Break-your-own Geodes

Set Of 3 Break-your-own Geodes


Introducing Break Your Own Geodes - an exciting and educational activity for both kids and adults alike! These unique geological wonders come in an unassuming rock-like exterior, but once cracked open this Moroccan crystal quartz will reveal a stunning array of crystals and minerals inside.

With this kit, you'll receive a set of three geodes ready to break open, plus all the tools you need to do so safely and effectively. Each geode is unique, meaning you never know what beautiful treasures you'll find inside! This hands-on activity encourages curiosity and exploration, and is perfect for sparking an interest in geology.

Geodes are an excellent way to learn about the wonders of nature and the incredible geological formations that occur around us. Use them to create unique displays, decorate your home, or even as a fun and unique addition to your collection.

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