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Titanium Quartz Geode Halves

Titanium Quartz Geode Halves


Titanium Quartz is a healing crystal with a unique appearance and strong healing properties. It’s a great choice for those who want to bring more strength and resilience into their lives. Titanium quartz is great for meditation and intention setting on all of the chakras and can help bring them into balance and unity.


Titanium quartz was first named gregorite after William Gregor discovered it in 1791. Two years later, German chemist Klaproth independently discovered the chemical and named it Titanium. Klaproth derived it from the Titans of Greek mythology, which means "the incarnation of natural strength." However, it was clarified later that Gregor discovered it first. So, he was credited with the discovery, but the element kept the element name chosen by Klaproth.

Each piece is approximately 2.5-3 inches in diameter. Each half is not a guaranteed match if you purchase multiple pieces.

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