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Pain Free Moon Cycles?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

If you're here I'm sure its because you're a woman with a vagina that does this thing every month where it basically leaks red stuff and if you're really lucky this little fun thing happens where it feels like someone is stabbing you in the uterus (ok, I'm being dramatic...kinda..) So now that we've established that your body has a personal vendetta against you I'm here to say that there is in fact a solution to that.

But first, I want to suggest that if you do feel personally attacked by your oooowwwnnn body I want you to remember that many of our reproductive issues are directly related to our emotional health and traumas that may be stored or suppressed in our wombs. Trust me...I know from experience and I've had the pleasure (not really it was actually pretty hard) of addressing my own personal traumas thus correcting the imbalances in my womb including ovarian cysts and painful menstrual cramps. Yes you read that correctly my friend, I said I healed my cysts and menstrual cramps by addressing suppressed traumas and emotions associated with my sexuality. If you'd like to get the dirty on my past feel free to click here to read all about the power of the sacral chakra.

Now back to the rest of you who need relief RIGHT NOW!! So apparently if you're a woman who suffers from menstrual related pain or even endometriosis there's this awesome company called Dotty.

Dotty has several options for relief however their most popular gadget is something called a monarch. The Monarch is all natural, Pill-Free, Fast Period Pain Relief. The coolest thing is that it's a portable machine that stops period pain through gentle electric pulses and heat blocks neuron pain signals from transporting and reaching the brain. The monarch will have you pain free in minutes.

As a woman I believe that we should be able to honor and value our special time of the month. As a healer I 100% vouch for holistic methods. Give dotty a try and feel free to book me for a personal tarot or chakra balancing session under the bookings tab. And remember, your uterus doesn't want to kill you, she just wants a hug =) Happy healing!!

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