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Ade The Goddess

Updated: May 21, 2021

As she gazed off into the sunset Ade began to reflect into herself...How ludicrous to think that they didn't mind telling us that we were slaves, but somehow forgot to mention that we come from royalty, that we are the children of the gods and goddesses and the descendants of the kings and queens of Africa. Anthropologists even discovered that the first homo sapiens were discovered in Africa, so why don't they make this significant in school. Isn't it bad enough that they run us dry of our resources, our land, our lips, our skin, our hair...They say that our rituals are devilish! But only in attempt to keep you from knowing and trusting your highest self, your inner god/goddess. But I strive to be in tune with the universe just like my ancestors. I will not kill my hair, I will not follow outside sources before I follow my own intuition, I will not let them dilute my awareness with conditioning and lies and genetically modified food.There is so much to unlearn..remember that slavery is only INTERRUPTED BLACK HISTORY..they don't fear us as savages because that is the expectation, they fear us when we are humble and in-tune and educated..because that is when the control can no longer exist..

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