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Angels Unawares

Updated: May 21, 2021

I met a man in the sand,

On a family day that I had planned.

He watched as we settled in

and must've read my thoughts because the next thing he did was go for a swim.

As some time went by he approached where I lie

And asked if he could take a seat, but I responded no because I assumed he was a creep.

So he stood there before me and then began to speak

We discussed the origins of humanity and the presence that it be, and soon I discovered that he was just like me.

After a while he took a seat and told me stories you wouldn't believe,

He drew pictures in the sand and we talked about the 9, the 6 and the 3.

We never exchanged numbers nor did he look at me from my neck down to my feet.

He called me his soul mate and we knew it was destined for us to meet.

I found out his name was Jorge when it was time for me to leave.

He said that I would entertain Angel's, at first I didn't know what that would mean.

But it was Hebrews 13:2 and I was glad I didn't ask for him to leave.

He reminded me to share my life and the knowledge that I seek.

So when anxiety takes over, I reflect on this stranger that god intended for me to meet.

And it was only for a day, a few hours to say the least.

But it's safe to say I entertained an angel unawares who at first glance I thought was a creep.

But the part that made me laugh was when I saw him again in the next two weeks.

On my phone, in a video from 6 years prior talking about the 9, the 6 and the 3...









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